Fair-Weather friends.

Michael and Andrew are hilarious.  One thing I’ve noticed is that when they don’t share the teacher’s ire the guiltless party exalts in the others failure.  For instance, in Algebra this morning Andrew got it bad.  I made him come to the board to do a problem because he was being a little punk, and I know he hates going to the board.  Once at the board he couldn’t get anything right, and everyone made sure to let him know.  Finally, when he started screwing up even simple things like multiplying fractions I just told him to sit down.  Sure to form he pouted for the rest of class and was visibly ticked.  But instead of joining his rebellion Michael was eager to answer every question and tackle every problem.  It’s like Andrews failure made Mike smarter.  As Andrew’s level of participation dropped Mike saw an opening to crown himself king for the day and increased his own participation; surprisingly his comments kept hitting the mark.

With every question Mike got correct Andrew’s rebellion grew a little more.  By the time I assigned practice problems Andrew couldn’t even deign to begin them, though Mike attacked them with a fervor I rarely see from him in math class.

This is a particularly strange phenomenon because these two are such close friends.


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