A Response To Mike

Oh mike, I assure you that my job has done little to affect my political thoughts.  The Catholics I encounter have read Ayn Rand and surprisingly claim to like her.  And I have never read The Catholic Worker.  These “anti-freedom” thoughts I’ve been having have slowly developed and finally came to a head when I decided that I am opposed to John Locke.

First, let me defend my characterization of our political parties:  The democrats encourage absolute social freedom; in this they are blatantly libertarian.  Furthermore, their quasi – socialist economic agenda comes about naturally because it is needed to support a society of atomistic individuals.  Reality would dictate that my choices in what I do or what lifestyle I choose for myself are limited.  The left, insofar as they are able, seek to extend the ability to choose to as many people as possible and ardently oppose any fixity in culture or any demands upon individuals that institutions (the church) tend to make.

For instance, a poor woman who is pregnant really ought to attempt to tie down her man, make him a breadwinner, put off future dreams and fend for the child.  The same goes for a man who gets a woman pregnant, society would naturally lead him to publicly commit himself to that woman and ensure that she and the child are given food and shelter.  If he’s ambitious he might even try to provide his child with opportunities he didn’t have.   This occurrence, though seemingly a natural development is abhorrent to the left.  They see marriage, caring for children, putting off one’s dreams for the sake of a child, or for the sake of a wife – all of these things are considered deprivations of freedom and a violation of “rights.”  I think this abhorrence is seated in our equality-fetish; because, if rich people make mistakes when they are young, the parents still have the means to provide support for the child while also retaining the freedom to seek an education, travel, go to the country club, etc.  The rich people don’t need to limit themselves in the same way as poor people and the left loathes that thought so attempt to diminish the impact of our decisions through providing financial support from an ever-increasing bureaucratic administration.

What the left fails to recognize is that you absolutely cannot make the consequences of these actions disappear.  If the child is born then someone will have to pay for it.  Even when the rich people make mistakes repercussions are felt, just not as severely.  Rich people can screw up and lose their money.  Wealth in America is extremely transient.  And that’s not because our laws make us “more equal” it’s because our rich are more idiotic and poorly educated; they are simply ambitious.  This is of course only the norm and necessarily the case for every rich person/family.

Ok, so that justification of my characterization of the left went a little long.  But now let me justify the my characterization of the Republicans.  It shouldn’t take so long because it is more obvious.  The Republican party claims to be for the free-market and for traditional morality.  But they would scoff if a community were to condemn a certain business enterprise because they believed it had adverse affects on society.  The Republican Party can talk all they want about traditional marriage, opposing abortion and… oh wait, those are the only aspect of morality they really talk about. You write, “The American right believes the state should dictate values and morals to citizens and trample as many rights as necessary to maintain order.”  Really, because I have seen no tangible results of their moralizing, at the national level.  The Republicans claim to oppose debauchery but can’t lift a finger against industries that profit from selling immorality.  We allow them to exalt the most debauched lifestyles but claim to stand for virtue.  The popular Right is either delusional or evil.

Ok, I think I’m done defending my characterizations of America’s left and right.  I would also like to defend myself against slander!  First I’m accused of offering feudalism as the answer to our problems, then I’m accused of only offering a critique of capitalism but no solution.  Well, that’s just inconsistent.  In any event, I don’t feel like I’m arguing for feudalism.  If we must have a representation of what I find preferable I would offer up The Republic of Geneva under the auspices of and in the years following John Calvin, before it turned into the socialist shit-hole we see today.  There industry was encouraged, yet immoral industry was forbidden.  The church and the civil magistrate were separate, yet the church was a unified whole in the community, teaching one morality, one doctrine and constantly seeking to inculcate virtue in the citizens.  Physical and financial punishments came from the magistrate, while corrective measures of the church took the form of social punishment.  (The church has to have a strong influence in the community for its authority to have effect, while also retaining separation from the civil magistrate.  Without significant influence, the private moral virtues could only be enforced by the sword, which is never preferable, or reasonable.)  Out of Geneva came the protestant work ethic, and the protestant reformation.  But of course, Geneva is only offered to counter the claim that I offer nothing tangible.  We need not adopt every practice and every dictum laid down by those venerable rulers of Geneva.


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  1. 1

    twodollarproject said,

    “The Republicans claim to oppose debauchery but can’t lift a finger against industries that profit from selling immorality.” No alcohol sales on Sunday, no gambling, no prostitution… my part of the country is Republican AND boring.

  2. 2

    DBP said,

    I’m all for feudalism.

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