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Hey guys, it’s been a long year.  I want to thank everyone who read this blog and all my friends who made this year bearable and in many ways rewarding.  While I do have a handful of deep regrets and painful memories this was a year where I was tested and fared well, even thrived in certain respects.

Moving to Texas kinda has me going insane.  There is so much to do and so many people with whom I want to spend time.  I’m not very nervous about Texas but I am sad that I am going to be so far away from everyone I love.

The upside is I’m ridiculously excited to begin school again.  I’ve read a prodigious amount of books this year but it’s just not the same as reading books and then talking about them.  You have no idea how excited I am about my first day of class.  I’m going to walk into a room full of people my age, all of them invested in thinking well! (Presumably, that is.)  I am happy to be starting in the summer because it gives me the opportunity to begin working myself into a social life before the enormity of a full schedule descends upon me in the fall.

For everyone who just graduated this year, you may not understand, but the real world is super lame.  Everyone is f-ing crazy or depressed and the pool of people from which you get to select friends and/or pretty girls drastically diminishes.  We all thought St. John’s was too small but in fact, working life provides a more limited social atmosphere.  Especially if you don’t know many people in the town where you work.  Suddenly all those crazy mothers who send their girls off to college to find a husband make a little more sense, but only a little.  I on the other hand plan to marry rich and what better place to do that than in the oil rich state of Texas?  Just kidding! (but seriously.)

This morning I remembered a funny story about Bob that I would like to share.  I was looking at clothes when I remembered how much Bob hated that his mom always bought his clothes from wal-mart.  He persistently bemoaned how disadvantaged his social life was because of how stupid wal-mart clothes looked.  Then one day I went to pick him up and he jumped into the car and instantly exclaimed, “son of a bitch.”  He proceeded to explain that he had confronted his mom about her choice of clothes; his short conversation with her went something like this: “Mom, stop buying stupid wal-mart clothes for me.  They look stupid.” “No they don’t Bobby, they look fine.  And they’re cheap.”  “No they look stupid.  Try and buy me shirts like this polo t-shirt I have on now; it looks much better.” “Bobby, that t-shirt is from wal-mart” The conversation ends, and Bob resumes feeling socially frustrated.

Thanks everyone for reading my blog this year!  I am thinking about beginning another one for my time in Dallas but I’m not sure the social conditions will be as conducive to having a candid blog like I did this year.  Ideally I’ll actually have friends in Dallas and don’t think it would be wise for me to adopt loving nicknames such as smelly kid or the unfortunate girl, for people who might actually discover my blog.  Actually, you know what.  I am going to start the new blog.  It’s called “Doing Academia” and you’ll find the first blog post here sometime Monday.


Cole Simmons, student for life.


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    Kate said,

    haha, I love that story. It made my day, I can toootally picture that entire scene in my mind. Thank you for sharing, Stay healthy, and enjoy every minute of Texas life. oh, and I second marrying for wealth….atleast the first time lol..

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    Joshua Weaver said,

    also loved that story Cole. I’ve enjoyed following your writings and look forward to checking out your new blog. I’m glad you can still think positivly after this trying year. You’ll love Texas, depending on what area you are moving too, I’ve been there a few times and always loved it. I COPLETELY understand the feeling of moving away from everything and everyone that you know and love. Erica and I moved to CA in 2006 with no money and no contacts. It is amazing how God finds ways to take care of you. My favorite example occured during the move actually. Erica wanted (rightfully so) no part of being in a moving truck with me and the dogs for 3000 miles so I drove by my self and she flew. On the plane ride, the old man sitting next to her eventually broke through her shyness and got to talking. When he found out where we were moving, he recommended a church to her out of the blue. We checked it out and that is the current church that we attend and serve in. Amazing. Anyways. I suppose you’ve moved by now and are settling in. You have an infectious personality and will have plenty of friends in no time. Join a small group at church, that is how we found most of our current friends.


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