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The Shower

Well I got my package from Melissa yesterday and she did seem eager to talk, but not about anything in particular, thankfully.  The package ended up being a sweet belated birthday present from my sister: tickets to a DC United game on the 1st of May and a ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ journal.

this is on my body for the rest of my life.

So anyway, my main concern of the morning is the lapse of thought my French manual showed.  Today we started the next section, and we always begin a new section by going over the new vocabulary words.  This is always fun for me because as we go through I like to figure out the etymologies of the words with the students.  John usually enjoys this activity, while Andrew moans like a wounded cow and Hannah just sits silently.  Well, this chapter vocabulary theme was ‘The Home’ and Andrew took a keen interest in the French word for ‘to shower.’  Yes, as soon as the little computerized voice sounded out ‘le douche’ he absolutely lost it.

‘I think I know the etymology of THAT one!’

‘Thank you Andrew, but no.’

Do the makers of this manual know their audience?  Whoever put that in there laughed as they did it.


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Student Paragraphs

One word: Hilarious.

Title: Why I Think Alcibiades is Awesome

“I think he was awesome because he did most things no one would ever dare to do.  Alcibiades won the olympics four times in a row and betraied three countries persia sparta and Athens.  When Alcibiades went to Athens right as they were going to invade sicily but he told them the Athens that syracuse was the most importan city not the strongest.  Aclibiades also did not tell the Athens that Syracuse was allies with Sparta (Never mind that sentence) He told sparta to invade persia although alcibiades best friend was the persian governer, the governer found it wrong to put him in jail because of their friendship.  Then later in his years he was lit on fire by his enemies. That happened in 404 bc.”

He actually wrote in “(never mind that sentence),” I guess he realized that he was completely of base, that everything he just said about Alcibiades and Sicily was either flat wrong or just a little off-base.  Either way, I like his style.

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Best Smelly Kid Quote Yet

So John, our brightest student, is a pretty awkward dude.  He’s pretty tall, really lanky and has a mess of curly black hair.  Today he wore fairly pronounced high-water khakis to school.  During french class Andrew, aka Smelly, was giving careful consideration to John’s appearance.  Finally he pronounced “You’re a Jew.”  “No I’m not”  “Well, either you’re a Jew or your pants are unnaturally short.  I think you’re Jewish.  That means you can’t be a pirate!”  I kid you not, he threw the south park reference in at the end, comic genius.

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Smelly Kid Quotes

Out of the blue I get this question, followed by his own answer.

“Have you ever had a hot dog with Peanut Butter on it?” **he pauses, then continues**  “I haven’t.  It just sounds too weird!”


Also, his lunch:  a bag of cookies.  A bag of marshmallows.  I’m not even kidding.  He is one sweet dude, possibly my favorite.

Want to see him laugh? Say “homo” in any context whatsoever.  Apparently Biology class cracks him up.  

I’ve never seen someone who needs his meds more.  I actually believe he has ADHD. If you know me, you know how rare that is.

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